💡Core Features

Decentralized Computing Power

By aggregating users and devices from around the world, Reflection builds a massive computing network, providing powerful inference and rendering capabilities to the platform. This decentralized computing model not only reduces computing costs but also improves efficiency, enabling the platform to respond quickly to user demands.

Decentralized Computing Power

This system allows users to create a highly customized virtual AI personality by submitting their photos, voices, and personal information. Users can interact with this virtual persona in various forms such as text and voice, nurturing it to align more closely with their personality and habits. Through this, users can have a unique virtual companion to accompany them during leisure time.

Virtual AI Simulation World

Users can set various tasks and activities for their AI, such as learning and interaction. By continuously training and learning automatically, AI personalities can improve in various aspects, such as knowledge and social adaptability. Ultimately, users can delegate some practical tasks to their AI virtual personas, such as using them for interviews or social events.

Computing Power as Tokens

The platform provides an interface for both professional computing power institutions and ordinary users to contribute their computing power for training models for other users on the platform. In return, users receive token rewards, which can be used to pay for platform functions or cashed out, providing users with additional sources of income. Through this incentive mechanism, the platform can attract more users to participate, forming a large computing power ecosystem.

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