🤳Incentive Model

Node Incentives

Users need to purchase specific Node NFTs to obtain corresponding computing power. They can use this computing power to participate in the platform's profit calculation and receive rewards accordingly. Additionally, users can choose to stake tokens to earn higher returns. It's essential to provide authentic computing power information, as providing false information or engaging in violations will result in the deduction of relevant staked tokens.

AI Model Validator Incentives

A specific user group, the AI model validators, is responsible for auditing the authenticity and output of computing power from other nodes. Using advanced AI technology, they identify and penalize dishonest behavior. Nodes identified as violating the rules will be penalized, and corresponding rewards will be transferred to honest validators performing verification tasks.

User Behavior Incentives

To encourage users to participate more actively in the platform, a user behavior incentive system is introduced. When users actively create and use the virtual AI personality system on the platform, they receive a certain amount of tokens as rewards.

Decentralized Computing Incentives for Users

Reflection attracts global users and institutions to contribute their computing resources through open interfaces to further expand the computational network and enhance the platform's reasoning and rendering capabilities. In return, users contributing computing power will receive token rewards, which can be used to pay for platform fees or cash out, providing users with additional sources of income. Through this incentive mechanism, Reflection will form a robust computing ecosystem, ensuring prompt response to user demands.

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