2024 Q2

Technical Development and Prototype Testing

  • Develop core technical architecture, including the social module and AI language model.

  • Recruit and train early users and computing power nodes.

  • Conduct prototype testing, gather feedback, and optimize.

2024 Q3

Alpha Testing and Feature Enhancement

  • Launch Alpha version for selected users to test AI personalities and social features.

  • Expand and evaluate new computing power nodes.

  • Refine features based on tester feedback for optimal user experience.

2024 Q4

Beta Testing and Launch Preparation

  • Roll out Beta version and onboard additional testers.

  • Perform comprehensive feature testing and enhancements.

  • Prepare for official launch with marketing strategies and user training materials.

2025 Q1

Official Launch and Ecosystem Development

  • Public launch of the Reflection platform with open registration.

  • Expand network of computing power nodes with new recruits.

  • Strengthen the ecosystem to attract users and developers, fostering growth and innovation.

2025 Q2

Continued Growth and Innovation

  • Continuously refine the platform based on user feedback and market trends.

  • Introduce new features like the AI personality system and AI virtual world.

  • Expand the ecosystem, strengthen partnerships, and build a vibrant community.

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